should my dad get a wr450 ?

i have a ttr125l and my dad is thinking about getting a bike. He is thinking about getting a wr450. So i am here asking you if it is a good bike. Ive read some reviews and stuff but im starting to see that alot of ppl say it is pretty bulky and heavy. Is this true and is this a really good bike for trail riding. i know that is what it was built for but is it really worth all the money?

Obviously, it depends on a number of factors, i.e., skill/ability, type of trails/topography/conditions, weight, etc.

However, assuming he's at average ability and you're not into a lot of MX, I can't imagine him being disappointed in the WR......I have the 250 and there isn't anything I can't handle in the woods with it.....

The only way Dad will be bummed with a WR is if he's an advanced rider he will initially be disappointed. I was highly upset for not getting the YZ until I uncorked some of the WR's potential, and now I'm very pleased with the bike. If he's less experienced, the stock setup on the WR will work real well for him also, as it's hard to even get the front wheel up in stock form. Now after doing only the "free" mods, it's hard to keep the front wheel down. :thumbsup: Hard to believe it's the same animal.

Yes, it's a great bike once the free mods are done. It's much easier to ride on the trails then a YZF450 or any of the motocross bikes. I ride mine with my wife and two kids and it puts around great. But if you want to get on it, it flat out rips. :thumbsup:

thx for all the help guys :thumbsup:

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