waterpump oil seals

does anyone have the 2 oilseals that go between bearing and impeller on waterpump shaft handy.i need manufacture part #'s written on them.i dont feel like waiting 5 days for my yamaha dealer get them.its cheaper and easier to go bearing King i just need part # on seals.i took mine out set them on garage floor and my dog ate them.


Exlax for the dog :)

Serious, Go down to the orchard or ace or autostore. I bought from Napa a comlete seal kit has o rings from the size of my Pin head to the size of my Ego all ranges, I thinks I remember about 10 bucks

Sears may have them also

Geez sorry Freestyle thought you wer talking O rings Me bad


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thanks ego, but i got plenty on orings.now if you want to be useful go out to your garage,get out your monkeywrench & hammer and start taking sidecase off your motor.seals are between waterpump bearing and impeller.let me know when you have #'s.you better start soon its getting late and you might need to borrow your neighbor's crowbar. P.S.my dog thinks im crazy everytime he go out in backyard i follow right behind him with my nose plug and rubber gloves

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Here is a number off of the oil seal, actually there is several numbers printed on the Yamaha package. 93102-12321, K010419a, 500721.

Try them and see which one is the actual part #.

Sorry I don't have the outer seal #. These are #s off of a 98 YZ400. I'm assuming they are the same on newer models.

i need numbers on seal i dont want to buy them from yamaha.do you have your old seals?there should be 1 or 2 letters and 4 #'s stamped on flat part of seal

These are the #s printed on the inner seal:

B 35, SD 12 22 5, KS

I don't have the info for the outer seal.

Good luck

thanks,thats exactly what i was looking for.i owe you one

Freestyle at least he is not lifting his tail and backing up to ya with a grin



Just taking a break from painting the house :D

The weather is awesome and I should be out riding today :)

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