Scotts Damper Install.... HELP !!!!

Hi Everyone,

I just spent the last couple hours tearing my bike down, lubing steering head bearings.

My problem is with the bolt on bracket for damper. After getting everything installed - damper/triple clamps/pro - tapers the braket keeps turning when I am testing the damper. I backed out both cinch bolts and re-tightened again! The bracket is still not stable. If I turn the damper up to 8 clicks, when turning handlebars fast the bracket moves.

The bracket does slide down flush with top of steering stem. No filing was necessary. What am I doing wrong ? Are these little cinch bolts just plain inadequate ?

Ohhh gee I suppose I should call scotts. But they are already closed !

I figure what the hay, you guys know as much as them anyway.



If it is truly flush and no grinding/filing was needed, and yet it still rotates I don't know what the problem could be.

When you say it slides down flush with the steering stem, don't you mean head tube or frame?

Did it work before? Are you installing it for the first time? Did you completely collapse the pinch fitting by tightening the allen bolt all the way? Is the bracket riding on the dust seal?

Mine only has one pinch bolt by the way, so maybe they sent you the wrong bracket.

Hi Hick,

This is the first time installation.

I did mean flush with the head tube/frame.

I tried it one more time and it appears to be stable. I don't have confidence it will stay put though. Especially when I turn it up - more damping.


Originally posted by Fryboy:


My bracket looks like this one:

Hmm. New design. Mine w/ only one bolt has never given me trouble on my '00 or my '01, but on the former I had to spend about ten minutes with a dremel getting some paint and a small amount of metal off one side of the top tube-to-frame gusset/weld to get it snug.

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