Valve clearance check?

How long should I ride before I need to do a complete check on the valve clearance? I bought the 450 new the first part of may and have about 25-30hrs on it. I bought this bike because of the reliability issue. I have been a 2stroker for years and been able to do most of the work myself, but I have to admit that this thing scares me to work on!! I just want to keep it in the best shape possible. I don't have problems with the jetting, that is not to bad. But engine work on a thumper is a little intimidating!! Should I not worry about it and just keep the engine oil, oil filter, and air filter fresh? :thumbsup:

Big 10-4 on that Cortez! :awww: I read in the manual where; as I recall, it says "every 3 races" check the valves. :devil: Now running valves on a pushrod V-8 drag racing engine is old hat to me, but this OHC stuff spooks me a tad also. :thumbsup: Of course I want to maintain the bike well, but tearing into it once a month to check valvers seems like overkill.

YMMV, but I've checked the valves on my '01 YZ426 probably 8-12 times and they've never needed adjustment. I just checked the valves on my '04WR450 and they're already out of adjustment (.002 out) after around 800 miles.


I think it is overkill also. But these bikes cost enough that maint. is important!!! I live in a different terrain mecka so like I said jetting is not an issue..... But there is more to a YZ Beast than meets the eye! :thumbsup:

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