Rear rim 400/426 interchange


I have a spare rear wheel for an 01 426 in the US. I have the 426 there. I have a 99 400 here in Mexico and have much more use for the wheel here if it will work. I hate to go to all the trouble to get it down here and it not fit. Do you guys know if it will change over?


The wheels are interchangeable, However the Brake rotors are NOT.... You must swap out the Rotor when changing out the wheel.

The 426 Rotor is about 1/2 inch wider in diameter.

Bonzai :thumbsup:

1/2" wider? &%$#@!? That disc is barely 1/4" thick to start with.

The 98-01 wheels will interchange. The 02 use a different hub and spokes for weight reduction. I believe the 00-01 supercede to the 02 hub now. Anyhow as long as you get the hub and spacers from the bike you should be fine.

For the rotor, the 98-01 rear is the same. The 02 is 5mm larger in diameter but runs fine on the earlier bikes with no other modifications.

Thanks for the info guys. I think when Yamkaze said wider he was refering to the diameter. But if the 5mm difference will still work then... Away we go!


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