Motocross start with z-start and no clutch lever.

I have the z-start automatic clutch on my 450, but I haven't put the perch adjuster on yet. I am planning on doing my first motocross race this weekend with the z-start installed. I am afraid on the start without the cluth I am going to have trouble taking off without wheeling. Anybody raced motocross with the z-start without the perch adjuster and clutch lever.

Yes I have raced without the perch/lever ( i dont have the perch adjuster ) Trust me once you are used to the z-start you will get awesome starts. I raced two classes both days last weekend and I only blew one start ( wheelied ) The rest of my seven starts I was in the top 2 or three every time! The only thing that kept me from holeshots was my right wrist shutting the gas off too early in the first corner. I do starts in second gear (stock front, 47 rear) at the 30 second mark I put the bike in gear pull the front brake and give the bike a little gas, you can feel the rear of the bike push up and plant the tire. When the pin holding the gate moves.....launch!!!! I am doing so much better this year because of my starts, I bet I killed the bike in the gate at least 10 times last year with the stock clutch setup. Practice some starts and get ready to rule the starting gate! GOOD LUCK.

dave :thumbsup:

Just my own personal thoughts here. Don't expect much if you change something major like this and the don't practice with it first. If you don't practice at least a few hard starts, then odds are you won't do well at the gate. I just started racing and I SUCKED at the gate. SOOOOOO, I decided to practice starting. You should be able to find someplace at the track to try that. It made a huge difference, even with just a small practice session.

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