Triple clamp

Will the triple clamp for an XR600R fit the L? Are they not using

the same frame and steering stem?

I have tried searches and other forums with no answer to my ? :thumbsup:

Thanks in advance

you could try calling your honda shop and asking for the part # of each bikes steering stem. I 'm thinking at the worst you would only have to install the l stem in the r clamps.

The L one has a keyswitch mount, but maybe will yield some insight.

Here is what I got from BRP in case any other L riders want to try this.

"Thank you for your inquiry. The difference between those 2 bikes is going to be the mounting holes and hardware. The 600R does not have all of the gadgets that the L does, including the speedometer, etc. I have not seen these two bikes side by side for years but I know, that is the difference. As far as the forks and steering stem go, they should all be the same as the R.

We do have an upper and lower clamp for the XR600 R that should work on your L model, with the exception of the things listed above.

Please let me know if there are any other questions that I can answer. Thanks for choosing BRP."

I am going to relocate my key switch, and getting after market computer, so I wont have to figure out how to mount all the crap the L has on the cockpit.

Thanks again all for the info!

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