dual sport

im thinking about converting my bike into a dual sport. i wanted to know if you need a letter from the manufaucter to approve of the conversion. or to have proof of it.

i also wanted toknow if u can get them certified with knobby tires.

thanks a lot guys

I had tagged yz about a year ago so that I could ride it to the trails. In Maryland you just need the title, which is actually a certificate of purchase if I remember correctly (either way it states for off-road use only) and a verification from an inspection center stating that your bike passes the state requirements. Check with your states motor vehicles, they will be able to tell you what paperwork you will need and an inspection station will be able to tell you the min requirements needed to get your bike to pass inspection. Just as a not, I would find a gas station or something that does inspections not a bike shop. The bike shops I checked look a little harder at your bike so that they can try to get some more money out of you.

Good luck!

PS I don't know that I would do it again.

ask your mom to write you a note stating bike is street legal. then go to dmv give note to person at registration window and tell them to you what license plate.when they see note from your mommy they wont even argue with you.who knows they might even give extra plate for that knobby you want certified :)

thanks for the help dhowell.

and freestyle wat is the point of yor response that is useless.

Yamaman, is it a green sticker or red sticker? If its a green sticker you should be able to dual sport it in CA. after a lighting kit install, having it signed off by an approved light tech, signing some paperwork, and giving the DMV some more of your money. I can give you all the details. If its a red sticker I think your only choice would be an out of state registration.


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