New & Improved problems on my XR650R

O.K. for those of you who have been so nicely helping out my ignant self with my troubles thank you. So as of now I have put new spark plugs in, new air filter, taken the bowel off the carb and cleaned out the pilot jet and the main jet and cleaned out the bowl. (The original problem was the bike would start but once you closed the choke it would die) There was some filiment in the pilot jet that is cleaned out now.

So the next problem is now the bike won't start at all. I think I've kicked the kickstarter 30 times and it won't start. I've given it a bit of throttle on the first 2 kicks to try to get some gas in the carb. So now I'm sitting here going &%$#@!??? Any clues?

well, since im bored at work, here's a couple things to try. First, pull off the tank, pull out the plug, set it against something metal and kick it good, how good is the spark? should be a nice bright blue, yellow means its weak. Second, is gas getting to the carb? pull the fuel line, if gas drips, then gas is making it as far as the carb. How easy is it to kick? maybe the decompressor is stuck, heard any louds pops out of the pipe? guess its just back to basics, air, fuel, spark, compression. Pull the jets and see what size they are, my bike did this a couple times when i bought it, only to find a 125 main and a 65 pilot causing most of the trouble. check it out and let us know. BTW, after i took my bike downt to the frame over the winter, it started first kick, no jokes, so they seem to get gas to the carb by themselves quite well so its possible that you have locked it up on gas as well. JR

O.K. so torn down the carb again and cleaned it thouroughly. Bike will start now but it will not stay running when I let off the throttle. I adjusted the mix and that did nothing so set it back to the standard 2 1/2 turns. Then I tried adjusting the idle and nothing happened. When turning the idle while it's running you should hear the bike pick up or let off right? Clockwise turns to increase idle right? I turned the idle and nothing happened. No increased rvving or anything. Grrr. Dying to go ride but don't want to go out and then the bike dies in the middle of nowhere. Any ideas?

Try checking your pilot circuit again. Also don't neglect a pinched/clogged vent tube.

Tim, Is the pilot circuit the pilot jet? The little needle looking thin with all the holes in it?

Also the vent tube... Where exactly would I find that on my bike to check? I have the manual for the XR650R on order but it won't be here for a week or so...

If your idle will not adjust take a look at the adjuster it self. Make sure its moving the way it should. It is a black knob with a flex hose turning a screw stop right? :thumbsup: It's been a long time since I had to work on mine. If I'm not mistaken it should turn a screw that sets the position of the throttle. Yours might be sliping thats why you have no effect when you turn it.

Yeah it was slipping, Got it dialed out now and it's running like a dream. Had to put a new pilot jet in because the other one just had build up over time. All good to go now and off to the dawn patrol in Ocotillo this weekend!

Well put a new pilot in and it's working like a dream now. Had to mess with the idle a bit. Thanks for the help. Can't wait to go light it up this weekend!

Pilot circuit is the pilot jet and attributes. Glad all worked out...

I had the same problem with mine, I couldnt get it to work, so I sent it of to my dad(the mechanic) for a good carb cleaning and he found lots of crud in the pilot jet and now its running again.

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