I have an '88 NX650. It is closely related to the XR650L dual sport bike. It is enough of an orphan to make finding parts and accessories difficult. If there are any NXers lurking out there, please reply to this post. :thumbsup:

Hey-hey! Finally, where have you been? I'm "the other guy" (in the US)that rides a NX. Yes, NX specific parts and accessories are hard to come by, but that's what makes it fun. Many parts for the various XR's and XL's out there can be retrofitted to make a pretty capable adventure touring bike, anything else you just make, or did you already know that?

here are some pics:


It will allways be an ongoing project, but next are single exhaust (header donated from a XR650L) and suspension components from various XR models. I am also in the process of putting together a rack for some hard luggage.

Another '88 owner here, although I do live on the Isle of Man, so we continued to get the later versions.

Would be good to keep an eye on your modifications as you go along :thumbsup:

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