Western 4-Stroke Nationals (WOW)

We just got back from the 7th round of the Western 4 Stroke Nationals that were held at the Albany Oregon supercross track. All I can say is WOW, THOSE GUYS ARE FAST. :) . If you missed it then you missed a real treat. To see how our Thumper can perform with a pro on board will make your jaw drop. Hey... Even my wife, who is not a rider, was totaly impressd with these guys.

If you ever get a chance to watch these riders in action you won't be sorry.

Look up there web sight http://www.4strokenationals.com and find out if there comming to a track near you.

This was the best $12.00 I've spent in a long time. :D . Enjoy. :D:D

I know what you mean B-Bike. I watched these guys at HoneyLake a few weeks ago, definatley super fast. Brad Carpenter was amazing. But to give you an idea of how fast Carmicheal/Ferry/Tortelli is, watch the Kenworthy race. Where Carpenter was pretty much in control of Honeylake, he was smoked when he stepped up to the Chevy Truck Motocross series. No disrespect to Carpenter, hes awesome, but its a whole different world than the 4 stroke nationals.

Unfortunately I didnt get to see Dubach there. That would have been something to see!

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This up-comming weekend will be the A.M.A. Outdoor Nationals at Washougal, WA. I would love to be there to compair the two events (4-stroke/2-smoke), however we have different plans for that date. Maybe next year. I really want to see the big boys ride. :)

They will be in CO on the 11th of August, I can't wait :)

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