Man these things crash great!

I was screwing around going too fast in my neighborhood and lost the rear end in a left turn (knobbies don't stick too great on pavement) at about 25 mph, hit the pavement and rolled, then I got up ran over to the still running bike and hit the kill switch. Picked it up and the only damage was to the end of the handlebars and the bottom of the peg, no plastics, frame, shifter or anything else damaged and is still perfectly usable. I was wearing gear so I'm not hurt either. Coming off of a Suzuki SV650S that I was unfortunate enough to crash once, it's amazing how little damage the XR suffered. I don't have to be afraid of crashing anymore!


:thumbsup: i guess thats one way to find out

I crashed on mine at 70mph in the desert. Broke the rear shock shaft and scratched/twisted the rear fender. As for me - broke my neck.


I crashed on mine at 70mph in the desert. Broke the rear shock shaft and scratched/twisted the rear fender. As for me - broke my neck.


Yep! Yessir! Now the "T" stands for "Titainium" right "T"-Diddy? :thumbsup:

I agree, pigs are built like tanks! :thumbsup: Just finished modding my L:

** '94 XR650L: Desnorkeled/Uni/Keihin 158-55s/Drilled Slide/Supertrapp/CRT SS Oil Filter/Mobil Delvac/Custom Magnetic Oil Plug/XR's Only Oil Temp Dipstick/Kenda K270's 510 Rear/14-49 JT Sprockets/5wt Fork Oil/Custom LED Taillight **

The Kenda rear is about 2" taller and there is no lowering link installed, so I can't get my feet flat on the ground even at 6'2"... I finished rejetting and took the pig down to some local woods real quick to test her out (without a helmet or any protective gear.) The trails were insanely tight and all overgrown. I had to stop due to pricker bushes hanging over the trail, and well there were shallow ruts on both sides of the trail from a 4-wheeler, and when I tried to put my foot down, there was nothing there but air... piggie and I fell over, and I whacked my head on a large rock. :awww: Just goes to show you should always wear a helmet when piggin' it. :lol: The bike wasn't damaged at all though. Then I dropped it again leaving the place, this time on the right side. Again, no damage. :D

Note to self... :devil:... 17" rear wheel sounds nice!

Just trot over and get a lowering link! Or you could just run the Kenda with no air in it........that will lower it a couple of inches. :thumbsup:

Almost lost my 650R at around 95mph one day in a field. Trying to reach top speed, hit a metal gate that was laying hidden in the grass.

HUGE JOLT!! I was about to fall off the right side of the bike, my head slammed the crossbar (w/helmet), hands yanked from bars for a second, but somehow, I guess from speed, the bike kept going straight, and I managed to regain control and climb back into position. Damn that scared the hell out of me! The impact put a nick in the front rim, but nothing major. Is that even a crash? a rolling crash maybe? I dont know but it hurt my.. 'self' a little bit from being slammed into the tank like that. Idiots leaving gates laying in fields, that sucked man.

high sided at 90+mph on a rutted talc like dry lake, the bike cartwheeled and landed on top of me! We slid for a long time across that talc...knocked me out for a few seconds, broken wrist, ribs, major wound where the footpeg went into my leg just above the knee...had to wait for a quad to come along and lift the beast off me (i was carrying 8.5 gallons of fuel)---but i saved her, hardly a scratch on the bike!

Thank god for Asterix knee braces and good body armour...and yeah a few inches up and i wouldnt be clearing my throat any time soon... :thumbsup:

Good to see Ti-Diddy back up. :devil:

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