CR front/rear brake cylinders with YZ/YZF

I was just scouring the search on this topic, but I wanted to be sure before I sunk the money :D . Trying to upgrade the brakes on BOTH my 99 YZF400 and 98 YZ 250 2-smoke, and I was thinking about trying out the honda front AND rear cylinders from a 2002 CRF450 (Or 250.. they should be the same). Anyway, I just wanted to double check that the front cylinder and line from the CRF would connect right up to the YZ and YZF caliper, and see if the same could be said about the rear with the new trick intergrated resevior (and for that matter if the bolts would line up or something would need to be machined). Also, if I bought the line from Fastline, would I just buy a CR cable, or YZ with CR routing (or are they the same? :) ). Thanks very much!

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