4 speed to a 5 speed

The WR 5 speed went right in my yz 450 :thumbsup: 4 speed is for sale perfect shape $300.00 OBO.all the gears,shafts.drum,forks I can Email picture's of them jinx7@earthlink.net :devil:

Did you change the whole transmission or just the innards?

Also, where did you get the parts and for how much?

I really want to do this... I wanted a Wr but got such a great deal on the YZ it was worth it to me. All I really wanted was the transmission too...

how is it running? shifting smooth?

I picked up my '04 YZ450 last Nov. and have been living with the 4 spd since. I decided I was going to have to sell my YZ with that beautiful motor, cuz' the tranny was not broadband enough for kind of riding I do. At the Desert Mt. Enduro this year, I spoke with Ty Davis and his mechanic about the gearbox issue, and was told Ty uses an '04 WR tranny....straight drop in. I stepped up to the counter and purchased a new tranny...shafts, gears, shift forks and shift drum. I have had other projects get in the way, but should get around to installing it within the next several weeks or so...I will post when I am done. Cost? About 650 big ones...

Ouch! Hopefully you can get $300 or so for the used YZ tranny when you're done. Ths is definitely something I'm going to consider doing someday.

I don't suppose you'd take a buttload of pics and post them up when you do it would you?

I just put it together last night im not finished yet The cylinder is out getting bored 2mm 470cc :thumbsup: it will be mean trail bike and it is more like $750.00 for the gear change over :devil:

eazrider and yzjack this is great news. From everything I read on here before I thought it could only be done with the help of a machine shop and lots of $$$$. Let us all know how it works out.

Hey, Jack :thumbsup:

Got it together, cool. Let us know how you like it once you get the engine running. $700 is about half what I would have guessed.

re: eurodog: "From everything I read on here before I thought it could only be done with the help of a machine shop and lots of $$$$."

That thread involved using the trans from a YZ426, rather than a WR450. The object was probably to use the closer ratio box, since the bike being built was for SuperMoto.

Can't wait to hear the ride report.

Actually we fitted the 400 trans as it is the closest ratio gearset off all.

I heard from YRUS that there will be an 5th gear that works with the yz450trans but it will be a very limited availability, ie, race team only, but it still leaves the 1~4 oem ratios.

instead of converting your yz450f bottom ends to the wr450 5 speed, one of you guys should just sell me your yz450f motor and buy a wr450 motor :awww::devil::thumbsup:

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