yz400f vs 426 stock exhaust dimensions?

im wondering because ive gotten my second slip on from an unknown company and again its doens't bolt up and fit perfect. the first time i had recieved a 450 pipe in stead of a 400 and the mounting brackets were off. ive now recieved my 2nd pipe and a tag on it said 426. the brackets will work but when i tighten the lower one above my brake it ends up tweaking the header out a little, and where the header connects to the pipe, its not a tight fit. the pipe only goes over the heard about and inch rather then 2 inches, this allows the exhaust to leak out from there. ive now waited about 3 weeks to a month for this pipe and if i get a 3rd one sent out for my 400 will be different then the 426 and bolt up. im almost ready to ask for a refund because of this bs. its just ive heard alot of good stuff about this pipe on here and i want one.

I had a '99 YZ400F(Great bike) and I put on a complete stock exhaust system from a '01 YZ426F without a problem fit like a glove.

Are you sure your subframe is straight? I picked up a second hand (stock) YZ400 pipe for my 02 426 and it fitted without a problem, so I would guess that they are the same fitting, unless the guys I bought it from got the origin wrong

ya its pretty straight. is there some kind of heat wrap available so that i can wrap it up and seal it. it doesn't lots, im just worried about water getting in when i wash it. i don't think it would lean it out that much either.

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