Redline,,, where is it?

Can someone please tell me where the 426 redlines? I don't see it in the manual and I need to know (play'n with gear ratios and top speeds).


The rev-limiter kicks-in at 11,300 to 11,500 RPM.

Maybe off the subject, but regarding the rev-limiter

I have never hit that threshld (I think), so I ask

what would be the main purpose of having a rev limiter on the yz's.

I would suggest

1: Obviuos Over Rev

2: Miss Shifts

3: In Air Over rev

4: Crash safty (Throttle stuck Wide Open)

5: Other

So would it be ther to ensure some margin of safty to NOT through a rod or smash a valve?

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I think the rev-limiter is there for guys like me. Guys who came off two strokes and are used to a bike that can just keep revving.

I bumped the rev limiter on my bike every time I rode it for at least the first 5 rides. I'm glad it was there.


That falls under #5 Other

I would assume your correct also. Yamah Enganeering always a step ahead or a gear behind or I dont know

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I've hit the limiter several times when the rear kicks up too high over a jump and I rev hard to drop it back down.

The rev-limiter was a good thing, because while in flight and fearing the dreaded endo, I find that my instinct for self-preservation trumphs any concern for engine life.

I could have easily bent valves or blown a rod through the cases, were it not for the rev-limiter. :)

I always use my rev limiter,, Always!!! I have a problem with short shifting on a bike that has a strong pulling top end.

The rev limiter on my 250F is 13,500 and I hit it all the time.

Long live the 4 stroke down with the two smoke?

well you can go YZ"F" your self :)

just kidding. :D This is a Thumper site but remember, we're all on the same side.

Greg Schnell was out at saddleback a couple of weeks ago, that guy had a relationship with his rev limiter! He probably hit the limiter 6-8 times a lap. No lie.

Ive hit it a couple of times. Its mostly to save the exhaust valves from the piston. I bet the connecting rod is probably good for 14K.

Side note, does anybody get email from that Powersports place. This guy is supposedly getting good hp gains by making the intake tracts smaller, thus raising the velocity. He's got dyno sheets proving his stuff, but we all know about dyno sheets. Sounds interesting, simply because it sounds like he has some sort of formula regarding port size in relation to valve area. Which makes sense.

Rev limit is 11.5K RPM in gear and ~9K RPM in neutral.


the 250f will be higher than the 426, shorter stroke length. I've hit mine a couple times. Thought i tapped it down in the air then realized when i nailed it i was in nuetral. Rather embarrassing in front of all your friends after landing a really gnarley jump. Glad its there though. My friend on a quad changed his cdi and removed the rev limter. I would not want that to worry about, its there for a reason! Keeps pistons out of your rear end!

The neutral redline is raised to 11.5K RPM after the blue wire mod, and same thing on the Canadian bikes, 11.5K in neutral too.


Just watched the 4-stroke nationals. Everyone there on a YZF was bumping the rev limiter every lap. I didn't hear it as much on the CRF's though...

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