Zip-Ty Hot Start Removal?

Hey guys. I'm trying to free up some space on the bars for my turn sig switch. So since I have the auto decomp cam, I'm thinking I don't need my remote hot start anymore....

I don't have the factory plunger mechanism, so can I just remove the Zip-Ty tube and air switch completely? Meaning that I would have one air hose that goes from the intake side of the carb into the hot start mechanism (it wouldn't have the "Y" that goes up to the bars/switch)?

Hope that makes sense :thumbsup:. I'll post a pic if needed.

Thanks for the help! :devil:

i think so, im not familiar with it, but it should work, ill swap ya my stock one if you want (99) hehe

I'd keep a hot start of some sort, IMO. I don't use mine very often but it's nice to have just in case. Maybe you can post a "swap" ad on the Parts Forum to get the stock plunger setup in exchange for your ZipTy setup.


Thanks for the swap offer... Maybe I should just find a way to reclocate it on the bars. :thumbsup:

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