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USWE Drops CORE™ Dual-Sport Daypacks

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USWE Drops CORE™ Dual-Sport Daypacks

New Adventure Pack with USWE’s Proprietary NDM™ Harness Available in 16L and 25L Sizes

Donnie Emler Jr. @FMFRacing73 rockin' the new USWE Core 25L

MALMӦ, Sweden - June 2nd, 2021 - USWE, a leader in packs for action sports, today announces the launch of its new CORE™ Series, the ultimate dual-sport moto packs featuring USWE’s proprietary NDM™ 2.0 + Snug-Me™ harness system, smart organization, and two capacity options to create the perfect fit and meet the needs of the moto adventurer. 

The CORE Series comes standard with the NDM™ (No Dancing Monkey) 2.0 + Snug-Me harness system. The combined efforts of NDMand SnugMe technologies with a supporting waist belt keep the pack stationary on the back even at high speed in the bumps. The USWE CORE packs are built for adventure riding, no matter the intensity of the terrain or length of ride, and thanks to the one-of-a-kind harness system, there are no boundaries to where you can go.

Built as a high-end dual-sport pack for off-road moto riding, the CORE™ Series features a zippered molded tool case, hydration compatible design, padded goggle pocket, and external armor attachment points.

CORE™ Series 16L | 25L


  • Bounce free No Dancing Monkey™ 2.0 + Snug-Me™ harness system with integrated elastic straps that expands along with the chest during physical exertion. The harness is aligned with the waist belt to secure the lower part of the pack.
  • 1x phone pocket (L17 / W9 / D3 cm) accessible from the front of the harness.
  • 5x webbing loops to attach your radio or LED-Light to the harness. Accessible from the front.
  • 2x big waist pockets that’s accessible from the front.
  • Ventilated and multi-size adjustable back panel that easily can be adjusted up and down for individual fit and size of the pack. 
  • Outside compression system for a slim profile.
  • 1x zippered molded tool case (L27 / W15 / D5 cm) included in the organizer pocket with a large and smooth opening
  • 9x webbing loops at the back of the pack to attach rider equipment and LED-Light
  • Zippered top panel pocket with soft inner fabric to story your goggles
  • Armor carry attachment points
  • CORE 16L - $239.95 | CORE 25L - $249.95
  • NDM Tech + Snug-Me Tech 



About USWE

USWE makes bounce-free action backpacks that provide the perfect fit for all. Their backpacks and hydration packs use a proprietary patented harness design, making the packs 100% bounce-free. The unique shape and suspension allow outdoor and motorcycle enthusiasts to carry gear and essentials, without affecting their breathing capacity or body movement. USWE's mission is to design backpacks and hydration packs that can be worn in action, with a pure race-fit, so it’s like wearing nothing at all. Besides making Backpacks and Hydration Backpacks, USWE also makes Hydration Hip Belts / Hip Bags / Hip Pouches, Protector Backpacks and Commuter Backpacks. With devoted Packs Series for MTB, Motorsports, Enduro, Running, Trail Running and Winter Sports. Learn more at: https://www.uswe-sports.com.









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Looks interesting and has a lot of "features", though I really like my Klim Nac Pac.  I had a USWE pack that was decent, it was too small for what I like to bring on longer rides, which was my fault. I bought what was one of their larger packs at the time. After a while the front straps started to break down and then the clincher, main zipper failure which really put a sour taste in my mouth about the reliability.  Main zipper failure while riding, fortunately because of what I had and how it was packed it didn't unload on the trail, behind my back while I rode away.  Having that happen 30 miles from staging really sucked though. The pack was full, but not over-full when that happened.  Price point seems a little steep for these larger packs but USWE pushes 50% off a lot on Instagram, though I don't know what they are including in that discount.

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