Vegas to Reno - Irondude?

DNF? :thumbsup:

yeah the bad luck continues....DNF at Tecate in Jan (manzanita shrub cut thru a radiator hose), DNF at Felipe 250 (i took out the water pump cover on some rocks), 'issues' at the 500 (my partner not me!!) and now a DNF at Vegas to Reno--(something in the engine broke)!

I only DNFed one race in all of '01, '02 and '03!

Ccccaannnnntttt reeeeeach ththethat ma ma ma ma monnnnkey on my back!

Guess its gods way of saying "Mike, you need the 680 kit" :devil:

Best part of the Vegas to Reno was the ride in the pick up truck (bike in back with no straps getting bounced to bits)with Jason the 19 year old from Tonopah...."so Jason, you ever see UFO's out here? Ever been to Vegas? What are chicks like in Tonopah? You guys out here ever go visit 'the Ladies' over at 'the Ranch'?!! You ready to join up and go kill some muslims?"

I am happy to report the future of the USA is in good hands. :awww::thumbsup:

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