I'm leaning towards buying a KTM 525 EXC, besides maintenance issues (I am ok with), what do you guys think. I ride mostly hills and trails. :thumbsup::devil:

xrbrp, I went from a 94 XR600 to an '02 520EXC. My XR has an FMF pipe, K&N air filter and re-jetted per Scott Summers specs. It ran great, but after riding the KTM there was no going back. The difference is unbelievable, and not just the 40 lbs weight difference. The KTM motor flat hauls and is very friendly. Make the move, but keep us posted. Also, my brother had a 94 XR600 and just got an '04 525EXC. Same feelings, could not be happier. The difference will make you feel like you are cheating. Try it!

I own both the XR650R and an 04 525EXC. I wouldn't sell either one. I prefer the 525EXC in the tight woods and the XR in the open desert settings, it's way more comfy.

Whats the difference between MX, EX and SX?

$8300 is what I was quoted for a 525 EXC.

the ktm forum has all the answers but the basic differences are:

sx - 4 speed trans, no magic button

mxc - 6 speed close ratio trans, big tank, wired for lights but not there

exc - 6 speed wide ratio trans, green sticker, lights

8300 forget that. They can have their pumpkin colored, hub eatin' bikes. I hop on my honda and don't worry about a thing...I consider that better than speed, handling, and weight.

MX - Motocross (18" rear, 6 speed, MX susp.)

EX - Enduro (18" rear, 6 speed, softer susp.)

SX - Supercross (19" rear, 4 speed, stiff susp., low fuel capacity)

The EXC has a lower first gear and is a better all around bike in my opinion.

so which ones come with electric start?

You should be able to get them for $6800 Before tax and Lic. for en EXC (which is the most premium KTM).

The exc and the mxc is Electric start. The MXC is a little goofy with there gearing although they have a 3.7 gal tank. I have owned a new KTM every year since 2000 and they keep getting better.


do any of the KTM bikes have an emmisions sticker that meet the EPA requirements for ON-highway registration in CA. I have read that some of the bikes do but have not been able to verify this,

If they do have one I will purchase the 525exc within the week. :thumbsup:

The 625 does.

I have both a 2002 520 M/XC and a 2001 650R. The 520 revs much much faster. The 650 has more torque. In my opinion the M/XC tranny is the way to go. Having the close ratio in the first 4 gears means that I am always in the right gear.

You will love the motor. It is a docile creature when ridden that way or it can rip your arms from their sockets. It is all up to the right hand.

$8300 is WAY WAY too much to spend. Got to KTMTalk.com and sign up. Then go to the "Get a Quote" button at the top of the homepage. Request a price for a 525 and dealers will email with prices. These are the best prices I have seen. You will get replies very soon after requesting a quote (next day). Specify where you want the bike shipped to and if you want shipping included etc.

Hope this helps.


PS My 520 has over 5000 miles on it (original top end) and I have had ZERO problems. It pulls like a champ to this day. Run the chain loose! (do what the manual says!)

I am so so so so so ready to go Orange. The CRF450X is NOT going to come out for another year and half...

It just simply feels to me like Honda has just about abandoned the off-road world. 5 years of XR650's and they still cant fix the thermostat?! Nevermind updating the bike or improving it in any way.

If you walk into a KTM dealer, its an exciting, off-road oriented place. I recently requested one of their 'special parts' catalogues. Its shocking. Every trick expensive after market part on my BRP is available from the Austrians for each of their bikes! Imagine if Honda had aftermarket larger radiators, or 15 tooth sprockets, or race pipes, or black plastic for the BRP. The 525EXC has all that and a LOT more available aftermarket from Austria. It all fits and works--cause its factory parts!

I am SO ready to put a factory 570 kit in a EXC525, an edelbrock carb, 16/45 (factory aftermarket sprockets!), and then go roost past Honda pits at the 1000!


BEAT THE CHEATERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Buy a 525EXC, its the king of the desert...there was SO much Orange at the Vegas to Reno....more Orange than Red!

The CRF450X is NOT going to come out for another year and half...

Now I'm even more glad I bought another spare bike with a much better flickability factor that doesn't feel nearly as punishing on tables, doubles, etc. I was planning on getting some of my older bikes out of storage because I really miss my two strokes, but I couldn't resist the urge to get something more modern and picked up a CR250 to play with :thumbsup:

MX - Motocross (18" rear, 6 speed, MX susp.)

EX - Enduro (18" rear, 6 speed, softer susp.)

SX - Supercross (19" rear, 4 speed, stiff susp., low fuel capacity)

1) there's no such thing as an "EX" or "MX" in the current KTM line up.

2) the EXC and MXC are identical accept for the WR tranny and lights on the EXC and the larger tank on the MXC.

3) the MXC is no motocrosser.


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