2005 RMF........

In 2005 or 6 suzuki is coming out with a RM500F it is going to be a mean motha F**KER. they already have a prototype that kiven windam test and he says it is kick ass

Why would they come out with a 500F? I assume it's a trail riding bike or will be marketed for the plus aged guys who race because 450 for a 4 stroke to my knowledge is the limit in the 250 class.

However, I guess they can change if they are still 3 to 4 years away.

Kfrosty, they are racing the ktm 520 in the 250 class.

The AMA has changed the rules for next year. 450cc is the max displacement in 250 class for 2003. So any bike over that will not be an MXer.

So any bike over that will not be an MXer

at least not in the 250 class

This kid is a troll dont help him out check his tirad of flames in the 250 forum

RMF what a joke! hahaha it will also be a KXF to, I suppose

iv heard of suzukis new bike i dont know if it is a rmf500 though

troll boy

:) thought so

Kevin's leg is ok know. :):D:D

Welcome back yz250frules/GNCC_250f

You are tagged again and mods have been notified

FYI!!!!![/b]It will be a rm450f and there will soon be a dr450z.

hey dumbass, Windham has a broken leg.

Moto Madman

Who you refering too as dumb***?, GNCC is our lil trol boy yz250frules

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