Valve shim Calculations

Hello all,

Just working on my friends KLX and were doing the shims, and were trying to work out the new shims required. I tryed to compare it to the WR manual but doesnt go high enough, and the specs are different. Found this on the web, what do you think?

Existing shim + Existing gap – required gap = required shim


1.75 + 0.05 - 0.20 = 160

make sure that you are using the same units ie mm/in. Your equation seems to be correct if I'm thinking correctly, but think of it like this just in case: Take the gap you have, and find the difference of that and the spec (use the larger outside spec). That is how much you need to reduce the shim thickness by.

Hope this helps :thumbsup:

Make sure you get a metric micrometer also and measure the new shims. I have a mechanic bud who had a problem with shims bought from Honda that were out of spec. Double check with a micrometer before you leave the dealership.

Cheers, thanks guys, There now with in spec :thumbsup:

a simple conversion if you have an "english" micrometer only.

english to metric; dimension found times 25.4

example; .312 X 25.4 = 7.9248MM

metric to english; dimension found divided by 25.4

10(MM)divided by 25.4 = .3937 inches

BTW, I did buy a micrometer and check my shims when I adjusted my valves.

I used google for the conversion. Just type what you want to convert in the search bar and it'll do it.

Example: 1.75 mm to inches

Works great :thumbsup:

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