Dropping the YZ400 off at the mechanic..what items?

I'm dropping my '99 YZ400 off at the mechanic for him to service my forks. I just bought this bike used, so I don't know what the service history has been. I'm planning on doing most of my own work, but I'd rather have someone else do the fork seals. My question is what things would be good to have the pro mechanic do while the bike is in his shop...things that are maybe more advanced than my wrenching skills (i'm a beginner/intermediate level mechanic). Valve adjustment? Timing?

DEF Valve adjustment

...and don't forget to get some 'bling' :thumbsup:

If you're servicing your forks you mind as well have them service your shock as well.

You may want to consider regreaseing the swingarm and steering head bearings in the near future but thats a good do it yourself job. :thumbsup:

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