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Carb rejetting help.

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Hey all. I appreciate all I've learned here, could use some help on this. I finally did the 3X3 mod, rejet carb and MRD. That MRD is a piece of art.

So I'm at 1200' and ride up to around 6000' occasionally. I used the stock needle and bumped it down one slot to 3rd position from the top. Changed the stock pilot jet to 27.5 MPK and the main jet to 155 msd. I turned the fuel screw out 2.5 turns. It pops a little on decel but only slightly, which I understand to mean it is lean. Which way to I go to make it richer; 150 or 160? Something else?

Now, the main issue, is I can ride about 500' then I run out of gas. Wait a minute, another 500' then out of gas again. I'm pretty sure I have it hooked up right. Vacuum tube on the petcock, etc. I made sure the o-ring is still in the carb. Keep in mind this is a CA bike, so has the fuel vapor (charcoal) canister. I'm going to remove it but don't want to make too many changes at once. It's not that, although it sounds like it, my tank is only half full. I've confirmed it is hooked up per the diagram. An ideas on why the carb isn't getting a solid feed?





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I would try setting the petcock to "PRI" and see if the problem still persists, as setting to "PRI" sends fuel to carb bypassing the petcock vacuum diaphragm fuel flow control.  If the motor runs OK then you know the problem is in the petcock.  If the problem still persists then I'm guessing something is not back together right in the carb.  I had something sort of similar once because the needle plug was not secured properly into the the "fingers" inside the slide.  Not sure how CA fuel vapor canister might play into the problem though.

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