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Hello guys my name is Lachlan, so recently the stock exhaust wrap which is a metal gauze sort of wrap that stops vibration and a major exhaust leak located not from far from the headder unit and the slip-on section has come lose and fallen out, this was resolved by re-applying a new sort of engineered fiberglass exhaust wrap. 3 to 4 months later it has come lose and fallen out, we have tried many options regarding re-applying the wrap but I have failed to succeed in doing so. I am seeking help from individuals located on this website, I am looking for methods and preferences related to application. 


-I do not own OEM exhaust 


-Clamp holds to metal but does not compress metal to metal sandwiching the wrap 




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15 hours ago, StatoSteve said:

Hi, I'm his dad and I can't work it out either.

New info was it was a stock header pipe and the Yoshi pipe was after market. 

I'm think about putting a slit opposite the factory Yoshi slit so pipe can close down a bit.

Ideas ???

The problem is the 09’ header pipe is much larger than a 06’ 07’.  So that muffler is for a larger diameter header. FMF has spacers to make it fit. But I don’t now if the sell them as they come with the mufflers. 
You can call Yosh up and ask them if they sell the spacer or have someone make one out of aluminum. You could also buy the 08’ 09’ header to have it work. 

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A suggestion; do you have a friend who has a lathe?

Or, find a local machine shop who are willing to take on a small job, and have them machine a spacer. 

They will need both pipes in order to ensure a proper fit that can be dismantled later.

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I'd go to my local nuts and bolts store and look for a brass collar you can cut in half that's approximately the right size.  Brass is soft enough to bend to a perfect fit.  Install the brass in the gap.  You could also try an exhaust collar, (which won't bend) at the end, and clamp that into place.  You could also try JB Weld, or Marine Tex to hold  every thing in place and seal the gaps.

I found 700 degree silicone to seal my wood stove flue and that's still working after years.

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