Changing Oil when cold...

I have an 02 426. I know you need to check your oil after the engine is warm. The manual also states that you need to warm up the engine before you change the oil.

I have a small logistics problem...I really can not spend family time working on my motorcyle. Since I ride 2x's a week this already chips into family working on my bike is not an additional option. Family time is defined as when my 21 month old daughter is awake and I am not at work.

So my dilema is...if I have to start my motorcyle and warm up the engine to change the oil during non-family time it will wake my daughter...thus making my wife extremely angry. Not a good thing. This rules out very early morning and late evening oil changes.

Are there any draw backs with changing the oil with the engine cold? Any advise would be wonderful.

Changing your oil when cold will not adversely affect your bike, I mean, it would be better than not changing it for instance.

The benifit you gain from changing your oil when warm is that the oil will flow better and you will get a lot more of the contaminants out along with the oil.

I have an idea, why don't you change your oil before you load your bike onto your truck. Just take one of those portable oil container catch thingys and do it after your done riding. That way baby can see her daddy and daddy still gets to ride his baby. A win-win situation all the way around.

Good luck

Don't get too worked up over it. I had the same challenge for a long time. Damn neighbors didn't like to hear my bike at 11PM at night!

Just let it drain for a long time or measure how much you drain and pour the same amount back in. Then when you're at the track check the height before you go...

CJ, you sound like you're in the same situation I am-if it isn't my wife complaining about "our time", it's the neighbors not being excited about hearing a motorcycle at midnight... I would think a magnetic drain plug would help things out some-keep all the metal down low if you end up changin it cold-that's what I'll probably end up doing...

vegas had a good idea :) Man what I say

Anyhoot to add to vegas,

bring all the gear to the track or place to ride,

Warm the bike up, drain and change oil there. Only takes about 30 minutes. whats 30 minutes out of a day of riding...

Oil filter can be changed also if you like.

Also get the Mag drain plug...

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Well lets see here I live in the old foggy capitol of the world. If I warm my baby up any time after 7pm the coppers will be at my garage door before the last drop of oil hits the pan.

So what are my choices? Deal with the law man, take my drain pan to the woods, or drain cold oil.

Well I sometimes choose the cold oil method. I let it drain over night or 2 or 3 or 4. Heck if it drains all week long I think that should work just fine. Let gravity do the work. Any heavy particles should settle to the bottom and go right out the drain hole.

Last post on this

There is no natural law that says oil has to be drained warm, it just makes it easier to get out and circulates the oil to get the impurities out.

Remember things tend to float to the top or bottom, if its mixed up (aka getting warm) there is a better chance at getting all debri out.

just me $4.26 and change

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Originally posted by E.G.O.****:

whats 30 minutes out of a day of riding...

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In the middle of summer of Texas 30 minutes is all you've got before it gets too hot to ride!

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Get up 30 minutes earlier :)

Taking a drain container to the track is an excellent idea. Also buy another filter and have it clean and ready to go. Your at the track oil change should only take 5-10 minutes.


Maybe you could find some way to wash the engine out with cheap oil. You could pour it in some how, and it would wash out whatever debris were left in the engine if you didn't warm it up.

Thanks for the advice. I bought a magnetic drain plug. I think I am going to be doing a combo of everything...cold, at the track and etc. What ever I can sneak in.

I worked from home today and was able to sneak in an oil change while my wife gave my daughter a bath. Warmed the engine up while my wife was filling the tub. She didn't hear the bike and did not know that I changed the oil. I had to fill the oil in between trash runs and watering the flowers. :)

It is nice to know that I am not the only one in this situation. :D

...I get funny looks from the neighbors when I start up the bike. I try not to do more than an idle at home...can not imagine the delima when you re-jet and have to test it out!

"In the middle of summer of Texas 30 minutes is all you've got before it gets too hot to ride!"

I said change it after you ride, not before. If you change it before you ride that would kind of defeat the purpose of getting the bike warmed by riding it, doncha think???



If you're doing the change in multiple steps (drain now, come back and fill later) you may want to put a note on the seat or or the throttle, etc.. to remind yourself when there is no oil in the motor! All it takes is one surprise in the middle of a hectic day for you to forget to refill after draining, and that's an expensive oops. :)

A surprise or 4 to many beers :)

Excellant point

When I let the bike drip dry I usually try and put a visual reminder, like placing the dip stick between the throttle housing and Grip Lip some how, tape or ?

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Alternatively, you could always take it to a bike shop......???

(edited cos I didn't read the original post properly..)

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CJ, that's too funny...

Just last weekend, I was sneaking around while the wife was in the shower trying to get the chain adjusted, lubed, loaded on the trailer, etc... I had to move quick so, as she says, "that damn motorcycle" didn't cut into our time. It's amazing how fast you get at doing things with the bike when you have to! :)

Thats why I push me bike in to the bathroom.

I have plenty of time to tinker when I tinkle.


No one in my family bothers me at all when I am in the kamode :D


I think that is man's ultimate that has a workshop in it!

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