broken frame

ur gay

hey punk, since you are not following the rules you can get the hell out. The owners of the site can track you and tell you internet provider all about you. They then discontinue your service and your parents scream at you and ground you untill you can handle a 50. That would be around when your 30. :)

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You don't even have a bike do you you little crumb of a man.

Ego, sickem, find his IP and send him packing.

Not only are you a bitch boy, your a lying bitch boy.

OK guys that's enough. He'll be hammered soon. I just don't have the access to do it NOW.


He needs to have his mouth washed out with soap, his bottom tanned and sent to his room.

what is IP?

GNCC /yz250frules

you have been made and reported...

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GNCC wrote: "what is IP?"

Yznvegas: Scared now bitch boy?

hey u all say the same stuff that yz250 said so ue all screwed to and im sorry im not yz250

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