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I am looking at replacing my stock speedo since I crashed and burned going pretty fast and didnt see a large rock :thumbsup: because of the dust cloud that my dad on his bike was stirring up in front of me.(Way to go dad!! LOL :lol:just kidding). I ended up trashing the whole front number plate and my front left hand side turn signal that was no big deal but when we got back to the car I noticed a very large hole in the speedo. It still works but the hole is quite large and I would like to just replace it since its just cheap plastic anyways. I was thinking of getting this electronic one from bajadesigns along with the billet guard of course. Have any of you guys heard if these are any good cause I dont want to get it and then find out its junk. Sorry i couldnt get a link to work or the picture to show but this is what I was looking at.

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Item Code: 370032

Speedo, ICO Dualsport

Extended Description:


+ Adjustable wheel size + Auto calibrate + Mileage adjustment + Speedometer + Max Speed + Clock + Metric operation + Non-volatile cumulative mileage + Automatic shut-off


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Each - 1.0 unit(s), $ 119.95

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I am also looking at the trailtech endurance speedo :devil:. And any other suggestions are welcome. :thumbsup:

I cartwheeled my L at about 70mph. Needless to say, the speedo (among other things)didn't make it, so off it came. Hey, it's just more highly placed weight anyway... I felt so free without it that I took it off my NX650 too. You'll have to make a plug for the drive mechanism at the hub though. If you need a speedo for the highway, just get a Garmin E-trex GPS with a handlebar mount for cheaper thatn a new speedo unit.... it works great. The down side is that it is more difficult to keep up with the bike's actual total mileage, but you're never going to sell it, right?

I have no personal experience with the Trail Tech Endurance, but have seen many posts with negative feedback. Search old posts for info.

trailtech sucks, get a gps instead! I own both.

well, ya know, I kinda like the old OEM XR350R speedo that I have on my XR650R. It's only got a trip meter though, and the speedo only goes to 90mph, but it fits perfect and looks clean. Also it works! I tried an electronic one before and it quit working after a while.

My KX500 doesnt have a speedo but of course the front wheel is hardly ever on the ground anyway, so it wouldn't be of much use.


'00 XR650R street legal/ uncorked/jetted / love this bike!

'04 KX500 illegal / crazy / insane (but a lot of fun!)

[image] [image]http://img65.photobucket.com/albums/v198/Smashinz2002/KXimage1.jpg[/image] "]http://img65.photobucket.com/albums/v198/Smashinz2002/XR650sm.jpg[/image]

We've had good luck with our Trail Tech Endurance computers and whenever we've had a problem, Trail Tech has quickly taken care of it. You just have to use some common sense with the Endurance. For instance, I've seen people using pressure washers on their bikes to clean them with their GPS's & trip computers still installed, which is a big no no in my book. Some people don't know any better and end up getting water in their bearings, water in their GPS's, etc, and other places where water shouldn't be, resulting in further long term problems that may not show up right away. There's plenty accounts of Trail Tech standing behind their products, but not everyone gives them a chance and some folks experience problems due to the way their product is installed. Take a peek at the CRF450 forum where a guy previously dissed Trail Tech because he had a problem with his kickstand, but he never contacted the company. Then someone from Trail Tech happened to read his post and asked him to contact Trail Tech and they promptly took care of his problem. I've read plenty of these kinds of instances for many different companies where people spout off about a problem without giving thought to contacting the manufacturer. The Endurance is not of the caliber of the higher priced ICO computers, but it's also quite a bit less expensive.


I also use a GPS as well, but its signal cuts in and out in some areas and its subject to multipath errors like all GPS's. The Endurance is spot on all the time, unless of course my front wheel is off the ground :thumbsup:

Well this is funny I just put the DS kit on my bike from Baja Designs and ordered one of those Endurance speedos. I'm not happy with it and I didn't even get it on there fully. First off for Xr's you have to drill into your caliper, &%$#@! is that. They supply a self-tapping screw. Then the magnet is wicked cheesy. You have to set the speedo yourself. I went out to the shed took the speedo/odo off the ole '87 xr250 and it mounted right up and works pissah. I paid 80 bucks for the Endurance and 50 for the mount and they're going right back to bajadesigns. I'll get something in place of it elsewhere. Some people may have luck but I think it's a poor design and would be much happier if it came with a gear driven speedo.

Baja Designs also sells a mechanical speedometer for $69.00. It hooks up to the stock cable and works great. It reads all the way to 160 mph

and has a tripmeter and odo. Its Chrome and looks awsome on the bike.


The sensor fits its spot almost naturally on the caliper and drilling the caliper was a piece of cake for me. It took just a few minutes for me to do including getting the drill out and putting it away. Of course you have to set the speedo yourself because you're programming it to your tire size. Not all 21" tires have the same circumference. It only took a few minutes to set mine up by rolling my bike forward a given distance and using a measuring tape to measure the distance and then entering the wheel size. We actually have more than a half dozen of these on different bikes. I like the concept, but I don't like the quirky menus, although brief instructions are printed on the back side of the unit. The magnet is another issue for some folks, but mine will never fall out :thumbsup:

For some people, the mechanical speedo is the way to go. It's just bolts right up without any fuss and there's not much maintenance to it other than keeping things greased once a year or so.

I think im gonna stay away from the trailtech cause i dont like the idea of drilling into my rotor. Does anyone know anything about the ICO? Do I have to drill into the rotor for that one or does it just bolt right on like the mechanical one? :thumbsup:

You wouldn't have to drill into your rotor, it would be your caliper assembly. It is very simple, I just called them out on poor design. I used my 87xr250 speedo/odo and it works mint. I can tell myself when to change the oil and filter.. :thumbsup:

For what my vote is worth, stay away from the Trailtech. I have been through 3 of them and the same thing keep happening to it. The plastic groove where the speedo mounts into keeps braking of. Sure they replace it, but it is not very reliable and a hassle to keep getting replaced. After the third one I just took the whole thing off and ordered some mountain bike speedo. Not installed yet, but as soon as it is, I will let you all know how it works out.

Again...stay away from Trailtech. Maybe it just has to do with how you ride. No offence gadsan. :thumbsup:

Talk to you all later.

hi all

just a question,my speedo has stopped working on my 94 xr600.i connected up a drill to bottom of the cable and it works so im thinking it must be in the gear at the wheel...are they expensive and are they hard to take out etc.

many thanks...chris (newbie so be kind))

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