Have a question Sort of a what would you do?

Lost the Pilot Screw set from beast. Parts are in want to ride real bad Tuesday.

Not enough time to take carb apart and clean.

Knowing that you rode a few hours in dusty conditions with a missing screw (I know Ego, You always have a screw loose OkOk ther I set myself up)

What would you do?

1: Place the Air Screw set in, clean filter and ride

2: Take time,Clean Carb & Filter to be safe


Geez after reading my own post what a lame duck,

Clean the dang Carb dim wad there is always another day

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I agree with Vegas! If any got in- it's in! Hopefully it was fine dust,not dirt being roosted on you with little tiny pebbles.In and Out it went,unless you clogged a jet,then you need to tear apart the carb.I would replace the air screw and ride! :)

Well let me think

How much does it cost to clean the carb ?

How much does it cost to rebuild the motor ?

How much time does it take to clean the carb ?

How much time does it take to rebuild the motor ?

I would probably ride but I would advise against it



The shot from the fuel screw to the bore of the carb is less than 1" long. Before you put the new screw in, use the plastic tube and blow carb cleaner up it. Then ride it.

If your fuel screw isn't in yet, ride it like it is and it will be lean (yes lean, lets air in). Plug the hole (whittle a dowel or use duct tape) and it'll be lean. But not much in either case. Run it without is better than not running at all.

Good luck,


Ego, youve got plenty of time. Go clean the carb, put the screw back. I dont thing the dust that may have entered could hur the motor, simply because of the size of the pilot passages are so small that the particulates arent big enough to hurt anything. Most likely, iit will run like crap because the pilot passages is dirty.

Ride it, the worst that could happen has already occured. The worst that you will see maybe is a loss of performance if one of the jets has dirt in it. You might want to change the oil just to make sure you get any little dirt goblins that snuck in already.

I hate being a perfectionist :)

after looking the posts over I decided to just do what my gut and experiance tells me


Hey! there are other Tuesdays coming, I will take my daughter out to the hills today instead.

Thanks for the advice and help

Mucho Appreciato Amigo's

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Hey E.G.O.****

Its not a crime to be a stright white guy

it just makes us a minority


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