How much to ask?

I need to sell my '01 BRP :thumbsup: but I'm not sure how much to expect. I gave $3,500 almost a year ago and put less than 800 miles on it so far (trails, dirt road mainly). Everything is pretty much stock except for the uncorking and aftermarket skid plate. The bad: graphics have started to peel on the tank, some scratches on front fender and side panels where previous owner had it down.

It runs great and will be a shame to lose (gotta get ready to buy a house). Any input is appreciated on a good selling price.

how bad do you need to sell it? if you want to sell it quickly try $3500 and drop the price $100 per week till someone can't say no.

keep in mind, it's a dirt bike, not an investment. expect to "lose" money.


I see on this forum that people find NEW XR650R's for around 4 grand... I sure has heck wouldnt buy an older slightly beat up one when I could get a new one for 500 more. :D Put then again, put it on Ebay !!! With the whole world bidding on stuff, I have seen bikes go for much more than they are worth :devil: You can list a mimimun price that you want, and if the bidding does not get to the minimum level you set, no sale. Nothing to lose :thumbsup:

Need to sell to buy house... Maybe this is just me but houses are way over rated and you cant ride them :lol: I would go with the BRP and a tent :awww:

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