Hyd. brake switch

I tried to get into archives looking for this info, but was unable to access old posts. So can anyone tell me if there is a hydraulic brake lite switch available for the Yam 400 wr. KTM has a switch they use on their euro & ausy bikes and I figured that Yam would do the same.


400 EXC--stock&great

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You may want to try Baja Designs. They may have what your looking for. They are in the "Links" section on this forum.


I have two of these switches off my australian wr400f. Im not using either of them.


I got my switch from MS racing. I think it was $25

E-line has them for about 20 bucks.

E-line has them for about 20 bucks.

there are brake switches available for the yamaha's. What you want to look for is one with a 10X1.25 thread. The KTM are european and they use a 10x1.0 thread. I have switches if you need one.

hi darryl

over in the uk , there is an official wr

hydraulic switch the part no is 5bfh253000 ,

maybe this part no. may be the same elswhere ?.( only costs £8.78 , cheap as chips ).


portsmouth englane

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