1986 XR600 wheel/tire questions

Hi all:

I just bought a 1986 XR600, CA plated. I plan to get a cheap supermoto bike going, but want to be able to switch back to dirt maybe once a month.

Questions for the experts:

The rear has a 17" wheel, but everyone says that's bad because there's no rubber available. All the supermoto guys are buying 17" wheels, though, so they can mount sticky sportbike rubber!?! What are my supermoto options with the stock rear 17" wheel? Any? How wide is the stock wheel anyway?

I prefer to get strictly street rubber mounted because I really won't be going offroad without the dirt tires. I'm planning on picking up a second set of wheels to make switching easier.

Will a 96 XR600 wheel set mount on this bike? I guess I need a rear wheel with a drum brake, so probably not. Okay, if the drum brake went away in 1991, will an 18" rear from an 87-90 XR600 mount up without any problems?

Will any XR600 21" front wheel mount up without problems? I'm reading that in 92 the front axle got thicker, so do I need a pre-92?

What road/supermotard tires do people recommend for 21"/18" tires? Is there really nothing available for the 17" wheel?

Thanks for all your help!

Will :thumbsup:

stock rear wheel width is 2.15, 1987 had a 17" rear wheel as well, the newer front wheels should fit with a bearing change, not sure though. dunlop 606 comes in 17" for the dirt.

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