I recently went for a three day ride in northen quebec (aprox. 500 miles of various trails back and forth).

About half way through the first day i had a pretty bad fall in the middle of nowhere (which rarely happens to me).

After a few minutes to recompose myself and regain my thoughts, i was ready to proceed, my WR450 was`nt. The fall had damaged the left radiater which was badly leaking.

I thought it was the end of my outing; My ingenious friends thought otherwise.

They felt the bike could run on one radiater if they could remouve the dameged one and reconnect and/or block the various hoses left haging.

After considering and trying various options a ktm spark plug tool was used to bridge the two main hoses with tightly secured clamps. An extra hose had to be blocked off. We tried clamping a stick of wood in but the pressure forced the presstone through the pores. The rubber handle of a screw driver just about the right size was then tried and it worked perfectly.

The bike ran fine; It never leaked a drop of presstone and did`nt overheated for the next three days exept if i left it idling.

Hail to my friends Pierre and Real for this clever and succesfull operation :devil::thumbsup:

Glad to see you managed to improvise and keep it runnin!,10/10 for your will to go on!,do a web serch for some crd rad guards,smooth!.

This same trick was performed 2 years ago above 11,000 ft on a wounded Honda XR650 in Colorado. The bike ran fine and didn't overheat as long as it kept moving.

I can confirm that a tree branch is not a suitable plug for a radiator hose.

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