1056 feet!!!!!!!!!

Those of you that browse the DRZ forum know that my 700 dollar Raleigh M7000 mountain bike is in the shop because of a destroyed fork. Because its in the shop i figured id take my moms old bike for a rip. Its a Rock Creek womens bike purchased at Sears 7 years ago for about 50 bucks.

Anyway, there is a road down the street that i always try to wheelie down on my Raleigh but i always end up a few hundered feet short. Me and a few BMX friends were riding on this road yesterday. I figued id see how far i could wheelie my moms bike. I went 3/4 of the way down the road. :D . I tried again and ended up 15 feet short :) . I tried again and did it with 8 witnesses :D

Me and my stepfather measured it today and it was 1056 feet!!!!!! Thats 1/5 of a mile! Then, he challenged me. He said "Go down to the end of the road, make the corner, and go down the dead end. I tried it and on my third attept i did it :D We will measure it tomarrow. It should be around 2000 feet!!!!!!!

The funny part is i did it on an old, 50 dollar, womens bike and i havent done it yet on my bike.

Thats cool and all,but how long can you ride a wheelie on a dirtbike? I can ride a wheelie on my rock hopper as long as I want too. But it took my a good two years to be able to hold one as long as I wanted on my 426. :)

At first i had an odd feeling doing long/high wheelies on a dirt bike. It just didnt feel right. Mostly the change in ergos from a mountain bike to a dirt bike. Not to mention using my right foot instead of my right hand to bring the front end down.

My first real wheelie was on my friends 86 cr80. I came off an 18 inch drop off and cracked it wide open. That was before i knew about gripping the bike with my legs. I slid to the back of the seat while holding the throttle open. I wheelied for about 50 feet before looping out (i tired to tap the rear brake but they didnt work :D )

I can pretty much go as far as i want now. I have been working on them lately (no place to ride on week days but my back yard) so when im not going for a fast lap time im usually on one wheel.

I bet they're easier on 4-strokes with comprssion braking though. To bring the front end down all you have to do is let off the trottle and let the compression braking do the rest. Ill post a link to a stunt riding site when i have some time. These guys can wheelie :)

Check out their movie section. Production 6 is cool.

Click here

I wheelied my XL600 for 11 miles down the 55 freeway in SoCal, after a speedway race back in 85 or 86. Man I was drunk. Both me and my room-mate, side by side, in the same lane, drunk as skunks, wheelie'n down the freeway, on identical bikes. Its a wonder Im alive. :)

Shawn Mc: You scare me. Let me know if you ever come to CO so I can hide under the bed.

I could never wheelie a bicycle, but me dirt bikes forever.

I had an sl-70 way back when, I could wheelie that lil dreg for miles, I think 11.1 miles, drunk, standing on the seat with no hands, going up hill in the wind. My buddie pushed me off and I lost a finger nail. Actaully I wheelied that sl-70 from Oakland Coluseum after a super cross back to San Jose. Sorry Shawn Thats a big Fsihing story 11 miles :)

The truth on the 70 was, I would wheelie it from my Garage to my buds garage 4 blocks away drinking a beer. Thats the truth

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And they say alcohol affects your driving/riding abilities :D


Mike O' its ok now, I growd up. No thanks to myself for that but, you know the old saying, "To be old and wise , you must first be young and stupid"!

Wanna hear a really scary statistic? Teenagers are 75% mor prove to drinking and driving, but only make up for 6% of the DUI accidents. In essence teenagers make better drunk drivers. How on earth did I live to be 40?

And the final measurement is in

2004 feet :D:):D

Depending on what map, 2004 feet might only be an inch!! LOL

By the way your measuring a wheelie right? Wheelie, weanie, the two could get confused :)

yes its the wheelie. Im not measuring it with a map. We used one of those odemeter on wheels things surveyers use. I traced the exact path. No zig zagging or any tricks like that.

I was kidding, ya missed my point entirley. Oh well. Good wheelie though.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, now i got it :D Laughed my ass off for a while :)

I got about 3 hours of sleep last night so im about half awake right now.

Hummmm, 6 and a half foot ball fields, that's not too bad madman. Being a long, long time fanatic of Mt Bike wheelies, I love to hear of others with mad skills. C'mon up to CO when you get a chance, we can scoot around hanging wheelies. In fact, I'll show you how to do continuous figure 8's, up curbs, down drops, up steps, what have you. I've got wheelies down, on my old bike, to where I could ride for as long as my stamina would hold. I've got a new bike now (full suspension Devinci, with disk breaks), man that thing is TOUCHY to wheelie. Very, very touchy breaks makes wheelying tough. At any rate, congrats on your accomp, keep hanging them wheelies.

BTW, while I can wheelie my WR, longest is only a block. For some reason it's taking a bit longer to get the feel on my moto scoot.......but one day..........

Dodger :D:)

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