I'm melting....

I have a 99 WR400F and just installed an E-Series, currently with 7 disks and a closed endcap. My rear fender is melting where the exhaust comes out of the disks... Anyone else having this problem and does anyone make a product to correct this or know of any solutions??? :thumbsup:

Isn't there anyone that can give me a little advice???? What about smashing some alum foil between the disks that face the fender???? Would that do more damage than good???

White Bros make heat shields that will protect your fender.They have ones that will cover just that side and all the way around.Here is a link to get an idea of what they look like :thumbsup:

Heat shields

Thanks Bill, I had no idea that WB made something like that. It is perfect. I will order one Monday morning.

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