another oil filter question.....

I have an 04 YZ450. The dealers all say that do not have the oil filter in stock and I need to change my oil. I have searched and seen that the 03 YZ450 and the 02 426 are interchangable. How about the 04 and 02?

The filters are physically interchangeable, BUT...

The 250f/426 used a bronze screen, which is a very good filter. When the 03s came out, the oil tank was rearranged and capacity was lowered from 1.7 liters to 1.2/1.3. This inspired Yamaha to specify a paper filter element for these bikes, since they were concerned that the smaller amount of oil would more quickly reach a given state of contamination, and the paper filter catches smaller particles.

I use a Scotts stainless element in both my YZs, and they are each now "free" filters, since I have re-used them more than four times. The same one fits 01s and up as far as I know for certain, maybe further back than that.

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