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As the title states I'm currently running a 2014 Husky FE450 .. brilliant bike has REGO for the road and comes with set of motard wheels+ dirt wheels oversize brakes + Rekluse clutch along with many enduro parts FC muffler etc so awesome 4st  ...  been awesome having a two in one kind of bike but as we know that can also mean its not perfect at either >> so yet again after many harder enduro rides over the summer ..I'm yearning for the new steed >>well prob 2x ... one likely to be a KTM duke ,, the other a pure enduro beast

weight is my main issue with the 2014 FE450 >> 249lbs dry great 90% of the time ... but during some of the harder enduro sections in the mountains events locally it can really wear you out and if you for any reason have an issue the weight just compounds those issues ...usually this can see me making mistakes and ending rolling down hills then restarting in some horrible locations  >>Rekluse auto clutch has been brilliant in helping  I'm a converted ...

pretty experience off-road-enduro rider 30yrs+ .. (along with near on 20x different dirt bikes over those years)

175lbs -6ft tall - fast -tech enduro focus

 mate had a 18 KTM 350exc thats 17lbs+ lighter ...I'm certainly tempted to checkout out 2017++ 350 .. FX,XCF,EXC,FE ...

My last light enduro bike was an enduronlize 97 RM250 .... loved the 2ST fun factor so very light great suspension bad too low geared .... so also tempted to go down the 2017+ KTM 250xc / exc or HUSKY TE250 ...Gasgas (not a fan of the KTM 300exc I rode ..I like some top-end in my 2st + lighter feel ). 

So yes you can see I'm KTM owned bikes focused ..got a friend thats a KTM mechanic + I like the higher tech parts they come stock with ...

I need not only lighter weight but decent fuel range ...also decent top speed 70mph +  so 6spd 



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If it were me, I would get either the TE250 or 250xc.

I would keep the FE450 for another season as my road bike, but also as a back-up bike if needed.

After the season of riding the new 2 stroke, and assuming I was happy I made the right choice and have got it set-up to how I like it and reliability etc, I would then sell the FE450 for the Duke


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thanks guys yes tempted to keep the FE450 ...  but going over asking prices locally of similar bike I reckon I could actually sell for more than I paid couple years ago also I hate the clunky forks 4SC  >>> and get me a near new 2020 ---250cc 350cc for only k extra >>> 

then Buy more road focused bike at a later date ....

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8 minutes ago, Loosekid said:

Ktm 300 exc

Not a fan after riding a mates 2008 KTM 300cc... as they say they are like a 3-stroke ... for me I'm a huge 250cc 2-st fan I love the playfulness of motor better top-end ... for some reason his exc 300 just felt flat and slow ..well Vs my  07 RM250 at the time that felt like a 125cc so much more nimble 

then when I moved to the FE450 his KTM300 couldn't keep up if the trails opened up 5spd box etc >> I really need to take my Brother-in laws for a spin he's got a 2016 KTM300 .... 

everything I've read about the 250 Vs 300 points me towards the smaller donk ... but then the latest Husky TX300 does look impressive and certainly worthy 


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4 minutes ago, Loosekid said:

Yamaha yz250x but it depends on rego over there. It might affect you riding. I don't know NZ laws 

Yes a mate I ride with runs a 2018 YZ250 goes really well >>>

I'm actually really keen to checkout one of these new YZ FX's great clip by a local kiwi guy--

I did own a 2007 WR450 that was in mint condition was a really fun bike ..but these new YZ-FX look a whole new level

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Personally. I prefer the two strokes. There is a difference between the yz250 vs yz250X 

the x runs the wide range gear box. The power is also more smooth than the mx bike. 

I do own the yz250 and I think it's brilliant, here in Victoria Australia we can register them with rec reg. 

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