Bike Horsepower??

What is the freaken secret with the Manufactures not posting Horsepower Specs? Is their any site out there that posts HP specs for all bikes? I know the power can change from year to year on a particular model, but give us a benchmark or something close. Does a XR250 make 22 HP or 28 HP, Does an YZF 426 make 36 HP or 40 HP or something in between. And what about 2-strokes, will my KLX have the HP as a RM 125? I would just like to see and compare different bikes and their respected HP levels. Sure I can see Dyno charts on pipe manufactures, but how much of that is hype.

XR 250 19hp

YZ426F 47.5hp

Usually Dirt Bike magazine will print a few actual HP numbers

Remember HP isnt everything.

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