OEM parts online

Wheres the best place to by oem yamaha parts , online ?

a few places dont even list the WR's :thumbsup:

Thanks for the link.... but it doesnt list WR's. :thumbsup:

I just ordered some parts from them formy WR!!!

go to yamaha site http://www.yamaha-motor.com/ under, parts catalog, motorcycles, choose your year and model. Find your part and yamaha part number(s). Then go to the link I gave you above and click on the link "Quick order" a page opens that allowes you to put in all your part numbers, then click add to cart/list, it will show you the part number and name and price if they have it in stock. It will also show you the new superceded part number. Try it. They have just about everything you could want.

Wheres the best place to by oem yamaha parts , online ?

a few places dont even list the WR's :thumbsup:

Zanotti's Best prices anywhere, they beat everyone else. Found them on the Yahoo FJGroup. Go to Yamaha's parts catalog online, get the part #s and send them to John at Zanotti's for a quote....quick, painless and cheap.


Please note that we are attempting to help you locate OEM type parts for your WR and not aftermarket goodies. If you are/were looking for aftermarket goodies, you are correct when you said there is not a lot of places that sell them and the items to choose from are limited. But a lot of YZ items should transfer to your bike since it is essentially the same except for lighting and gear ratios.

I have dealt with bike bandit. Their customer service is great. The phone people they have are number one. Just as good as Rocky Mountain ATV.

But....the delivery time is awful. It is quite a bit faster to jump in an inflatible raft, paddle to Japan, and pick-up your stuff from the factory. I had so many items backordered last time that they ended up sending me my items without charging shipping.

Maybe I have bad luck, but I only order from them in the winter.

Ok i figured it out ..DUH ME. :devil: i ordered some oem stuff from world of powersports. we'll see how it goes.

thanks for the input guys. :thumbsup:

XR600 Tell me how that goes. Inquiring minds what to know. :thumbsup:

Ronnies is also very good, order on monday ride on friday in the east! :thumbsup:

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