identifying yz400/426/450 Motor?

I have just bought a 426F quad..and an starting to think its a 400f motor....whats the best way to identify the motor? :thumbsup:

engine Number? call a yamaha shop and they can let you know what size matches up with the number

the 10th digit in the engine number will tell you the year it was produced in.

On the 426 the hotstart is right on the carb itself, on the 400 its external.

Ok i think this is the deal...its a 426 motor with a 400f intake and carb...the hotstart off the i have been calling all over and I have a part # for a jug that was replaced and they told me the part # is for a 426...My next ? is do they have a hiflow waterpump and cover with the 426? :thumbsup:

The 400's have a smaller clutch basket and cover. the 426 clutch cover is much bigger then the 400. I dont know if this will help but if you have a 426 to compare the clutch covers it should help?? I think the water pumps are the same between the 400 and the 426. Good luck

Dose the 426 fug fit on the 400 case? :thumbsup:

If I were you I'd go back to the guy and raise hell until he can prove its a 426. To tell is a 426 it should say 426cm^3 on the side of the cylinder. If its a 400 it would say 399cm^3.

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