O.T. Highway 101 in Oregon & N.Cal

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this one's about pavement..

sorry 'bout the off topic post...

I'm planning on a 2 week round-trip ride from Calgary to San Fran (Monterey) for the WSB this July and I've always wanted to do the coast highway.

However, I fear that the traffic and motorhomes will be a continual pain-in-the-butt. I can deal wih passing large groups of folks, but how bad is it? I know there's a few TT-dudes that live in the area and I guess the question is...

Would YOU ride this road on a street bike during the first 2 weeks of July.


Would you leave it to the tourists and avoid the coast road

thanks a bunch in advance...


Its up to you, some parts of the oregon coast will be busy and some not so busy. Count on traffic around seaside, tillamook, Newport/Lincoln city ( real busy), but many areas will be ok and really cool to see.


Take 101 and continue on Hwy 1 to the bay area, you won't be disappointed. This is some of the most beautiful country in the world. If we could only lower the population, home prices, gas prices, traffic congestion,............ :) . I'll be in Montana between July 14 - 22. If you're in the area before or after those dates let's get together and hoist a few!


Would I ride it? No - not the first couple weeks of July. Slooowww going. Of course most other times of the year, it's a great ride.

Absolutely!! As others have mentioned it can be busy. You have to ride California Hwy 1. Better that 101 and a great bike road!!!!

Hi there...

hey thanks a bunch. I will definitely ride some of it and I think I'll try to connect south of Lincoln City...Newport maybe :) I don't like the prospect of droning along even if the scenery is decent. ..but it is one of the worlds 'destination highways'

...and speaking of that... have you seen this website and book? http://www.destinationhighways.com/

I bought the book last year and it's a nice resource for checking out what road to take (rip through) on your street bike. Right now they've focused on British Columbia, Canada, but last I heard they were touring New Zealand for their next offering... THIS is the job we need.

thanks all :D


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