burping coolant system ona 99/400 (suggestions?)

I replaced the radiators and need to refill the cool juice. Just wondering if anyone has any helpful techniques to burp the system of all air.


Fill it. Since there's no thermostat and the system is so simple, 98% of all the air will be gone already.

Run the engine for a few minutes until the upper radiator tank on the side with hose coming from head begins to feel fairly warm and shut it down. CAREFULLY back the cap off to the first notch (wear gloves) and let it release any built up pressure. Then check the level. It should not be lower than it was to start out. If it is, you either had a bubble, or you have a leak. Repeat the process if you found it lower than when you started out. If not, fill it to 1/2" from the top and ride it. When it cools down completely, the coolant should be just over the top of the tubes in the raditor core.

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