NoconaMX.COM North Dallas Track

In order to get in for free to my favorite motocross track here in the Dallas area, I've created a web site for the owner of the track. Please check it out....


[ July 24, 2002: Message edited by: westladog ]

Yeah, that's a fun track. I rode there a few months ago.

Hey westladog,

That's cool you'd help that guy out like that. I almost hate knowing others will find out about this jewel of a track. It's the funnest track I've been on in along time.

I'm going Wednesday bringing about 10 of my buddies. They love this track so much they drive from Dallas to ride it every Wednesdays.

If you can make it look for big daddy on #505. :)

I love this track too and I also don't want others to know about it. But it's too late. Sooner or later people will find out about it.

I just hope that goons won't go there to ride because it's so far out. I can't stand goons at the track. They make the track unsafe and not fun.

Cool site Westladog, but which one is the offical site yours or HERE? How do I get my picture on the site ?

Kirtwell are you riding there on Saturday ?

[ July 23, 2002: Message edited by: DPW ]

I'm going to have at least 2 versions of the web site. This is just version beta .050. The next version will enable people to upload their Nocona pics themselves. will be up in a few days.

If you try to access the site and can't get to it, it's most likely that the OS has taken a short dump (crashed). Please try again in a few minutes.

Hey Kirtwell,

I will be out there on wednesday the way, this is Chad, (used to be on the #357 YZ 125, just got a new CRF 450 the other day :):D )

I might let you ride a real bike for a change....

It will be a blast

See ya there.

OHHHHHH you went RED on me bro :)

We'll be out there around 4 ish....I hope that red thumper is broke in cause if you think for a second you'll be putting'll be eating some serious roost :D

You're going to love that bike Chad....I'm happy for ya.

DPW..I haven't made plans for this weekend racin at Nacona?


More than likely just practice on Saturday. I haven't rode in three weeks just cause of personal stuff, but I get rusty real quick if I don't ride at least once a week.

If one of you guys go to the track today at Nocona, can one of you mention that the web site is ready? I've yet to get a call from the old man or his son. PLEASE TELL THE OLD MAN TO CALL ME (the guy that is doing the nocona web site).


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