Bent Rim

I was in vegas over the weekend doing some seriouse trail riding and I guess I hit a rock and got a nice ding in my front rim. I am a newbie at this since I have not had a new bike in ten years. Is this normal. If so how many of you are riding on a slightly dinged rim and does it affect bike as far as holding air pressure. The tire did not go flat or anything. Do they make stronger rims and how much do they cost. Are there any good websites where I can get a new one instead of selling my first born at the dealer?

I bent my front rim two weeks ago. It just pushed the rim out about 1/8"-1/4". It looks pretty bad, but hasn't affected anything yet. I haven't noticed any vibration or loss of air. I may try to take a rubber mallet and knock it back a little closer to original, but I'm not worried about it. The only company I know of that makes wheels is Excel. I think most fronts run about $150. Then you have to get the wheel laced. Most mail order companies carry Excel wheels...Rocky Mountain, Dennis Kirk, Chapparal.

I wish I had the money to go black, but I don't, so I'll ride with a bent rim.

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I just (today) ordered a front excel rim from for 105.00. This is the old style (2001). they said that the new excel rims will require excel spokes/nipples, soon you wont be able to use your stock spokes and nipples. I hope this is not true.... I bend front rims about once a year.


Thanks cal & fly for the reply. Are the 2001 excell and the stock 2002's that come on the bike the same or do the 02 426's have the excell spokes and nipples. The ding is not very bad at all but I have it in my head that I want everything to look perfect. I just told myself it is a dirtbike it will get dings and scratches.

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