XR600 Opinions, Test Reports on the Net ?

Good luck with your new purchase SteveJC, even though its long in the tooth, you'll find the XR600 heaps of fun and capable of putting a few bikes to shame that you wouldn't have thought possible!


question tho - only ridden it briefly (ilegally!) while I sort a few things out - it feels like its got a taller 1st gear than the 650 - its got 14-48 gearing. Has it ??


Steve- My XR650 had 14/48 gearing (which u guys have std I understand) but it was still good for a 160km/h (or 100mph) top speed- a stock 600 wont go anywhere near this. My feeling is as well as having lots more top end power than the 600, the XR650 has slightly more spaced out ratios which would mean that first gear might be lower on the 650. I dont have actual ratio figures though, sorry.

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