MSR Pant Sizing???

I'm going to be mailordering a pair of RG2 Cargo pants, and I've never worn any MSR pants of any kind. Just wondering how the sizing runs? Are they pretty true to size, or are do they run a little big or small?

Seems like my Moose pants run a little on the small side, and my Thor pants run on the large side. I just want to get the right size the first time around.

I wear 32" waist Wranglers so I ordered a pair of 34" waist system-x pants thinking I'd allow a little extra to tuck in extra shirts for cold weather. They turned out way to big. I think a 32" would have been fine for me.

Thanks Rides....That's exactly the info. I was looking for. I also wear a 32, so based on your input I'll stick with the 32. Thanks!

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