WR400 as daily ride/motard

Hi all ..... just a quick question about whether you think a WR400 would be a good mount for a daily ride on the road ... main use is going to be commuting to work, cutting up traffic and providing "going to work" entertainment :thumbsup:

I was looking at a cheap TE610 Husky but the more enduro focussed nature of the bike put me off, and I'm wondering if the WR is in the same boat. Mainly worried about having a lot of servicing costs and effort required to cope with 250k's per week on the road (esp given its fairly small 1.1L sump capacity).



That's exactly what I do with my WR now. I haven't seen anything that would make me think that any of the 4XX WR's would be a bad choice for what you're wanting to do. The 03's have their quirks with the woodruff/starter issues but it's all been fairly well resolved from a reliability standpoint.

Thanks for that .... can anyone enlighten me as to what the service intervals should be on the road? And what should be changed at this - just oil and 1 filter?

gearbox reliability will always be an issuse when used mainly on road, unless you fit a rear wheel that has a cush drive rubber. In Oz, all WR's are road registered and they have a warning sticker on them stating that the bikes arent inteded for road use. For the KM's you require you'd want to do the oil every 2 weeks, and the filter every 4 weeks.

is there any way to modify the rear to make a cush drive or would you have to buy a new wheel?

I'd guess you'd need a new hub, and you could lace it to your existing rim

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