Do your friends slam the 4-stroke??

Bryan...I wasn't supposed to say that? I sorry. I thought you were that Judge Judy babe about to smack me upside the head with your gavel.

I payed $3000 for my RM used in april.

I do about 2 or 3 pistons a season.

I get oil for 6 bucks a pint so its about 3 bucks a gallon.

I ride an RM and i have a kawi. BIG difference in throttle response. On my RM i can crank it wide open in nuetral and quick close the throttle without hitting the rev limiter.

While you are doing the drill i will be speeding away. Unless you have a KTM or a CRF.

And i forgot one, Thumpers dont like my riding style. If i had the money adapting probably wouldnt be too hard though.

So unless someone wants to loan me 3000 i will continue to help the cloud of blue smoke at the line :)

And my favorite line form that movie:

Rooney your an aaaaaa$$hole :D

Do my friends slam the four stroke? Nah. Those who know little enough to do so, wind up *getting* slammed by the four stroke. Can you say "roost pass"?

Two friends called me nasty names after taking my 426 around the local track. Both immediately sold their smokers and bought '01 426's.

"You ba$tard! Now I gotta sell my YZ250!"


"&%$#@!, I liked my KTM300 up till now!


Originally posted by Boit:

I love ALL dirt bikes! If there was a 5-stroke, I'd love THAT bugger!

Here, here!

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