Rear Hub Seal question...

I ride a 99 YZ 400 F and in the manual for changing out the rear tire it says, and I can't remember it word for word, but,: Note...The left side of the hub seal will be marked L and the right side will be marked R. It is very important that they go on the correct side.

Well I can't see anywhere on the seal that calls out a R or a L. And when I compare the two together they look identical.

One seal IS marked '1' and the other is marked '2' on the plastic cover itself.

Any help here would be much appreciated.

I plan to tear apart my '98400 this week. I'll let you know if find out anything.

Hey blatham, keep track of what you find on your 98-I need to do the same in the next few months or so...


Manual states verbatum:

Remove the collar and seal from both sides of the hub. Note that the collar on the left side of the wheel is marked L and the collar on the right side of the wheel is marked R. The collars must be reinstalled on the correct side during installation.

Asked the Dealer service rep and he said that he has seen them marked A and B also. Long as the wheel spins freely it should be ok.

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