Tank stains

I have a Clarke or IMS tank (approximately 5 gal.) that came with my new (for me) xrl. Parts of the tank are still white but much of the tank is stained an ugly brown color . Is there any way to get the stains out or am I stuck with it.


I have had the same problem. I have a white Clarke 4.3 and my CR500R has the white stock tank. Both tanks would get that grey/brown tint from the knees. Another poster on TT said that hand cleaner works. I tried it and it kicks ass! Put some on a rag and rub gently and the brown is gone! Spray on some silicone or plastic conditioner and you are pimpin'! :thumbsup:

Are you sure those brown stains are from your knees Rockatt... :thumbsup:

Excellent, I will give it a try.

Are you sure those brown stains are from your knees Rockatt... :devil:

:awww::lol::D:lol: :lol:

Absolutely! The stains are on the sides of the tank not the top! Now, if you wanna go check out my Fox riding shorts!... :thumbsup:

Leaving fuel in your tank for days/weeks causes the stains. At least in IMS tanks it does. Stephen

Mr. Clean magic eraser!!!!!! Give it a try.

Wink :thumbsup:

Mr Winkel is right, Mr Clean to the rescue. I'm gonna give the hand cleaner a try as well.

I use the green Scotch Brite squares and some Castrol Super clean.

This type of stain... right?

From this:


To this:



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